What is Brazilian Massage?

Brazilian Massage, Maderotherapy or wood therapy, is a holistic massage technique based on the use of specifically designed woods in different shapes and sizes that assist with lymph drainage. This is a complete natural approach to body massage, except that wooden tools are used in combination with manual lymph drainage.

Due to the use of wood, this method of massage has many more benefits, and in addition to massage for relaxation which balances energy and reduces stress, this method of massage has spread for aesthetic purposes too. It firms and contours the body, eliminates local fat and fights cellulite along with other benefits such as lymphatic drainage.

The release of toxins further affects the metabolism that eliminates fat and that's why the stimulation of the lymphatic system is an extremely important step in the fight against cellulite. The superficial pressure of characteristic of the Brazilian massage technique moves the fluid lymph through your lymphatic system.

The mechanic application of Brazilian massage, detach fat deposits from the muscles and from each other. Detached and broken fat deposits will flow washed in the lymph through the lymphatic system. The lymph nodes will clean them and the clean lymph will then go back into the circulatory system.

The waste products will then be released from the body with increased urination. That is why we recommend to the clients to increase their daily water intake, during and after a Brazilian Massage session. By doing that we stimulate the urinary system to be more active and release faster the waste products.

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