Avoid if ...

Even though Brazilian Massage can have enormous benefits, there are some cases in which is strictly forbidden. If you have any of the following problems is better to avoid to book a Brazilian massage therapy.

  • Infection, a contagious disease, high temperature, fungi, viruses

  • Cardiac problems

  • Renal failure

  • Pregnancy

  • Carcinogenic processes

  • Congestive heart failure

  • History of strokes

  • Liver and kidney problems

  • Advanced varicose vein problems, lymphedema, lipoedema etc

  • Lymphoma

  • Avoid massage after cosmetic surgeries

  • Psoriasis or skin burns

  • Hernia

  • Radiation cystitis

If you have any other disease or any other health problems or surgeries, please ask your doctor if is possible to have this type of massage before you book an appointment.

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